The Political Sextant Quiz
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Who are you, and what the hell is this?
I'm Batman. This is a quiz designed to help categorise political ideologies better than just 'left and right'.
No, I'm not really Batman. This quiz does however forgo 'left and right' by instead telling you how much you agree with specific ideologies.
What do the scores mean?
A 100% means that you more or less completely agree with every aspect of the ideology. A negative 100% means you disagree with every aspect of the ideology. If you are ambivalent about every aspect, you'll get a 0%, but I only show you your top most few and liked and disliked ideologies instead of your scores for all 60 ideologies that I have catalogued so far.
Why is the quiz so long?
Short answer: politics is complicated. Longer answer: I have just about managed to whittle down all well-defined ideologies into 40 basic components (one for each question).
How long should I spend on the quiz?
As long as you like. This quiz is realy meant to point you towards ideologies that you seem to like and may not have known the exact names for. You don't have to read every pro and con argument for each and every question unless you want to think more in depth about it.
Why are you calling me a fascist?
The beliefs you agree with point towards you agreeing with the beliefs espoused by the ideology I'm linking you to in "more information". Please don't be offended by this.
Are you stealing my personal information?
No. I track information on each answer to the quiz for analytics, but I never take any information about your age, bra size, nationality, religion etc.
I don't like/agree with the way you've represented something.
Please contact me regarding you concerns using the contact information on the site.
Can I sue you for copyright infringement?
No, all images shown here are either in the public domain or made by me. Anything made by me is also generally too basic to be copyrighted, so do with it what you will, but please don't make a knockoff version of this website.